Food review: Rohr's

Author: Peterson, Alina


New to NDTOGO’s Grubhub app this year, the Morris Inn’s Rohr’s restaurant is an imaginative take on steakhouse dining, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner options 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Exciting to note, students can now use their Flex Points or Domer Dollars at the establishment, with orders currently available for pick up at the northside entrance of the hotel. 


As the recent move to online classes campus-wide has limited access to certain eating options, including restricted general hours of operation and the temporary closing of certain retail locations altogether, finding a convenient place and time to eat has become a hassle for many students. Below are some of my favorite meals from the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in case you feel inclined to see what Rohr’s has to offer. 


Their breakfast sandwich is a personal favorite. The meal includes an omelette sandwiched between a toasted croissant with a tasty side of breakfast potatoes. If you are looking for a substantial meal in the morning that will be sure to fill you up until lunch, I would recommend giving it  a try! 


If you are looking to spend more frugally for lunch so you don’t run out of Flex Points by the third week of classes, the R Burger is the way to go. Served with a pretzel bun, the sizeable burger is cooked to your liking and topped with bacon, dijonnaise and select vegetables. You might not have room in your stomach for the dinner recommendation after ordering it. 


For seafood lovers who have Flex Points to burn, the $30 pan roasted salmon is a great dinner option! Rather than eating pre-packaged meals from the dining hall this week, I recommend treating yourself to Rohr’s for a delicious meal from any of their menus.