Fall Favoritism

Author: Allison Clark

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I know everyone loves a good, long South Bend winter, but I can’t help but argue that fall is the best season to experience at Notre Dame. Of course, when we first return to campus, the last few weeks of summer are nice enough for everyone to wear shorts and t-shirts. But, coming back to a dorm with no AC, after lugging a heavy backpack across campus, under the bright sun is not the most enjoyable experience. 

Fall is the best season to be in South Bend because of the scenery. The campus is covered by trees, and it is impossible to miss the leaves starting to change colors. The variety of oranges, yellows and reds add an aspect to campus that doesn’t appear to be real. During any other season, my walks to class are dreaded, but, in the fall, I look forward to my time spent outside. Especially around Saint Mary’s Lake, the leaves falling off the trees and gently floating to the ground make me feel as if I’m in a snowglobe. 

Halloween is right in the middle of fall and personally it is one of my favorite holidays. Coordinating costumes with your friends and rushing to order every accessory necessary to complete the look is so exciting. Being able to dress up as anything for the night is not something that you get to do often. Sophomore Colin Morse enjoys Halloween because it “lets us embrace our inner child and have a night of pure fun that everyone is able to partake in.” 

Another highlight of the fall season is Notre Dame football. Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, how can you complain about the tailgates and school spirit that ensues? The Friday after class before a football weekend is where it all begins; the act of walking back to your dorm with your backpack, excited for classes to be done and the weekend to come is unmatched. 

Students are playing music out of their dorm room windows, and families are walking around campus, stopping to take pictures in front of the dome and the stadium. Little kids are running around throwing a football. It is the happiest feeling. 

Finally game day rolls around, and you wake up early to get ready and start the day. A sense of pride consumes you as you put on your Notre Dame merch. As you hop from tailgate to tailgate with your friends, time goes by at the speed of light. All of a sudden, you are in the stands with everyone from your grade— it is a feeling like no other. The school comes together to cheer on the team.

For all my Starbucks and pumpkin spice lovers out there: fall means seasonal drinks at Starbucks. I spend all year waiting for the first pumpkin spice cold brew of the season, and luckily for me, Starbucks on campus has several other pumpkin flavored drinks and snacks. The pumpkin flavors are a nice change from the regular options, and I look forward to them every year. 

Sophomore Sabrina Capoli, Student Union Board Committee Chair adds, “The fall events are my favorite to plan. The coziness of fall brings the student body together and the fall events are truly our best. By this time, new committee members have had a chance to get to know everyone and our teamwork is at its best.” Various SUB events occur during the fall. These events allow students to relax, have fun, and get to know their peers. 

There are so many reasons why fall is the best time of year on campus. The beauty of the season makes me so grateful to be a student at Notre Dame, and reminds me to live in the moment. It is the shortest but sweetest season. It is simply the best.