Album review: "No Me Llores"

Author: Krienke, Kimani


There are so many talented individuals at Notre Dame that continuously go unnoticed by most. While the university gives these students a platform to stand on, the artists must work tirelessly to get to where they want to be. Felix Rabito is one of those artists that did not stop striving for more, and his dedicated fans, even after graduating. Rabito and his band, Saint Dismas, performed at house shows, the Legends Nightclub, the Keenan Revue and more venues while at Notre Dame. The trio gained a decent following by doing so, but they aren’t a household name yet.


In their second EP, “No Me Llores,” the band continues to flex the rock and indie roots that fans have grown to love. The star of the new EP, released this July, is its soul hitting instrumentals, with thoughtful lyrics and gritty vocals as close runners-up.


I recommend listening to the EP in order the first time. It flows from start to finish and tells a story of the anxious people, grueling hours and tough decisions behind the music. Though I love jamming out to “Cure” — my favorite song off the EP — alone in my bedroom with my earbuds in and the volume on high, I can’t wait to eventually hear all of the songs live. Discovering new music is great, but watching an unknown artist grow in front of your eyes is breathtaking.


Listen to “No Me Llores” because Rabito is a Notre Dame alum. Listen because supporting small artists is just as important as supporting small businesses. Listen because good music deserves to be shared, not hoarded.