Student body candidates allegedly break rules, forfeit 7 percent of vote

Author: Cassidy McDonald

Student body candidates allegedly break rules, forfeit 7 percent of vote

Student body candidates Rohit Fonseca and Daniela Narimatsu Felippe will forfeit 7 percent of the votes cast for their ticket — after they allegedly violated Judicial Council rules by purchasing Facebook ads before they received proper approval, according to an Election Committee press release.

The Election Committee cited rules from the Student Union Constitution, which require candidates to present receipts for all election-related purchases before they use any of the items.

All receipts, the constitution says, must be accompanied by a list of materials purchased. 

“Failure to disclose the proper cost of any election materials is a highly serious breach of campaign rules. Penalty shall be forfeiture of candidacy," the constitution reads.

The Judicial Council will not release election results while appeals and allegations are pending, the release said. At the earliest, results will be available Thursday at 11:45 a.m.

Both sets of candidates declined to comment. 

Becca Blais, current candidate for student body president, faced a similar sanction in 2016 when she ran for vice president with Corey Robinson, current student body president.

Robinson and Blais conducted an interview with a media outlet prior to the sanctioned campaign period, and were suspended from campaigning from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2.