From the Desks of Gates and Corey

Author: McGavick and Corey Gayheart, Gates

Gates And Corey New"
Photo Courtesy of The University of Notre Dame

Hey Irish,

We hope this finds you well and that you’re enjoying the first weeks back on campus! As your elected student body representatives, we’d like to make you aware of the exciting projects we’re working on. We are taking a broad, diverse approach across all facets of campus life with one goal in mind: keeping our promise to provide approachable, collaborative and transformative leadership that serves your needs, interests and passions.

Since taking office, we’ve held a series of productive meetings with Campus Dining. We are proud to announce some tremendous new improvements that will take effect this year. For the first time ever, Notre Dame has a mobile food ordering app: “NDTOGO” (search in the app store: Tapingo) which will allow you to place orders at campus eateries ahead of time on your phone. This will eliminate wait times for food and beverages, give you a greater degree of control in managing your schedule and, above all, make your life more convenient. In the coming months, this app will also extend to delivery — both from campus outlets and local restaurants around South Bend. This news comes alongside a new restaurant arriving on campus in Spring 2019! Garbanzo will offer ethically sourced Mediterranean food, improving the diversity of food options on campus and adding an exciting new element to an already broad food landscape at Notre Dame. We look forward to collaborating with Campus Dining closely throughout the year, so stay tuned for more exciting developments!

We are also taking bold steps to support and prioritize clubs and student organizations. We were pleased to fulfill significant grant requests

for Notre Dame’s Black Student Association and Right to Life programs at the end of last year. Moving forward, we hope

to raise the constitutionally mandated percentage of student union funds apportioned to clubs. This will give clubs more financial support and reflect our philosophy that student groups drive campus life.

In our short time serving you, we have
come to know many wonderful students and alumni, all of whom have shown a deep desire to make the Notre Dame community even stronger. Through campus dining surveys, Friday meet-and-greet lunches and other events, we have listened to all of you, communicated your concerns and passions and continue to make progress. We hope to continue these conversations with you; please know that if you see us, say something. If you need help, visit us in the student government offices in 203 LaFortune. If you see us on campus, say hello. We want to get to know as many members of our family as possible!

Go Irish! Gates & Corey