From the Desks of Becca and Sib

Author: Rebecca Blais and Sibonay Shewit

From the Desks of Becca and Sib

With April 1 finally here, we couldn’t be more excited to officially take office and continue our work. In the past month, we finalized our Executive Cabinet and welcomed the new Student Senate. Additionally, it’s been awesome to see the entire Student Union — Class Councils, the Club Coordination Council, Hall Presidents Council, Judicial Council, the Student Union Board — fill with passionate people that are dedicated to this university. We’re eager to work together this year!

Going forward in our goal of flipping the model of student government, we will be using the month of April to: tie up existing projects; train our team to be best equipped to serve the student body; meet with administrators to form and build on personal relationships and rebrand. Redesigning this first month all falls under our vision of efficiency, transparency and availability. Everything is changing, including the student government space — so, please stop by 203 LaFortune to hang out, bounce ideas and track progress on the platform that you created. Better yet, send us an email or Facebook message, and we’ll come to you.

While our internal priority in April is rebranding, we are also continuing our months of progress on sexual assault prevention and education, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, sustainability and community life. The 2016 Sexual Assault Climate Survey data was just released on, and we are working with our team and the Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention to evaluate the results and their impact on the community. Furthermore, we are in the process of redesigning the prayer services in response to timely warnings of sexual assault. Conversations on Moreau, specifically the diversity and inclusion modules, have begun and are gaining strong momentum. Changes will likely be made this summer.

Almost every day somebody reaches out with a new idea, and all the time, people are joining the team to make these ideas happen. There are no ideas we won’t hear. So, thank you for this opportunity to serve — it’s going to be a big year.


Becca and Sib