From the Desks of Becca and Sib: Finishing Strong

Author: Rebecca Blais and Sibonay Shewit

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There is always a buzz in the spring semester that sets it apart — for us, that buzz carries with it the realization that we are closing our final two months in office, but also excitement for all that is still left to come. Despite the weeks dwindling in our term, our team is still focusing on both old and new projects, and we are excited to have the opportunity to update you on what has been happening. 

In the Campus Life Council (CLC), our group of students, rectors and administrators are opening a new project on financial transparency and funding usage in the Student Union Board (SUB). We’ve been working with King Fok, president of the Club Coordination Council (CCC), to maximize the number of dollars going to student clubs in a way that is sustainable, meaning it will continue to grow club funds and student activities long after we leave. Clubs are in many ways the lifeblood of student activities, so we are treating them as a top priority to ensure better funding to any student who is seeking to grow or expand their interests in a club. 

With the spring semester comes the winter career fair, and to capitalize on that opportunity, Director of Community Engagement & Outreach Adam Moeller and his team are launching “Go Irish, Go Local,” a networking event for students to meet representatives from local businesses in our community. The IDEA Center and enFocus will be there to speak about innovation in South Bend and the many opportunities that exist for students to get involved. 

Building off progress in the fall, the student senate is formulating a report and proposal on the recent six-semester housing policy, pending the input of the student body from survey data. Additionally, in faculty senate, our student representatives, Sib and John Henry Hobgood, are bringing to the floor a resolution for professors to add mental health resources to their syllabi. 

Lastly, for months, we have been sharing bits and pieces about TEDxND, but now, it is right around the corner. Co-Directors of Student Life Caitlin Murphy and Tim O’Connell and their entire department team are choosing the line-up and preparing the official arrangements for the campus-wide event. 

Two months left is still a long way to go, and we have even more planned for the spring than anticipated thanks to the amazing ideas, input, and energy that numerous students have brought to the table. 

Go Irish, 

Becca & Sib

Student Body President and Vice President