From the Desks of Becca and Sib - Starting a New Year Strong

Author: Rebecca Blais and Sibonay Shewit

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It has been a busy first month of the semester in the student government office. Our entire team — the Executive Cabinet, departments, Senate, and other branches in the Student Union — has been planning events and improving policies just about every day. All of their work is based off the student feedback and ideas shared from the time of our campaign in February to now.

Our team was proud to help welcome LimeBike to campus and the surrounding community in August, as well as launch the first ever “Flick on the Field” event, where about 3,500 students and many more community members, sat on the stadium’s field and stands to watch Rudy. To celebrate the first Monday of class, we passed out 3,000 Rise’n’Roll donuts, and then followed with the student government tailgate on the Notre Dame vs. Temple game day.

Most recently, we launched a digital donation drive for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief. Multiple prayer services have been hosted, with intentions to bring the community together in solidarity with hurricane disaster victims, suicide prevention and in memorial of 9/11. Lactation rooms were made accessible to parenting undergraduates, and TEDxND 2018 applications were released.

Coming up, we will be partnering with sustainability clubs to host a sustainability-themed Quad Market, as well as exploring the student experience with study abroad applications. We will spend time in the South Bend community supporting non-discrimination legislation in the county government and raising funds and awareness for local schools. We are also in the process of evaluating changes to Title IX policy, accessibility of the Student Union Constitution and inclusion on campus.

Keep a lookout for us coming to all of the hall councils in late September to share updates and ask your opinions on what you would like to see change at Notre Dame! As always, let us know if you have a club, organization or special event that you would like us, or our cabinet members, to visit.

These are just a few examples of ways that your ideas have been, and continue to be, worked on, so please reach out if you would like to learn more or get involved. Special thanks to the Cabinet and their department members for all their hard work, and to the many students who have dedicated their time to these efforts. We’re excited to keep working with you!

Go Irish,

Becca and Sib

Student Body President and VP