Revelry at the Revue

Author: Joe Disipio

In a year of political and social divisiveness, the Knights of Keenan Hall sought to weave a theme of unity through their 41st annual Keenan Revue.

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The Hesburgh Library Graffiti Lost to Renovation  

Author: Charlie Ducey ('16) and Marwan Bishtawi ('16)

The following work is a “found poem,” a collage of verbal graffiti found at Hesburgh Library. The poem is arranged as a single narrative to show how the verbal graffiti speaks to the experience common to all Notre Dame students. This shared experience gives us cause to hope that, despite renovations, there will always be poetry to be found at Hesburgh Library

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Mike Brey: Man of the People

Author: Juan Jose Rodriguez

Jumping into a sea of students at a football pep rally. Speaking with and fielding questions from students in dorms. Embracing the front lines of the student section after a big win before joining them in singing the alma mater. Encouraging students to come to his weekly radio show at O’Rourke’s by ordering chicken wings for whoever shows up.

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Three Tips to Perfect Your Lenten Sacrifice

Author: Julia Oksasoglu

Lenten season is underway, and it’s time to be choose what to give up and how to tell everyone you know, have ever met or driven next to on the freeway. Don’t miss these three tips to truly make the most of your metaphorical 40-days-in-the-desert.

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Student's Dad Not Actually Republican

Author: Jarissa Sabal

Notre Dame freshman Grace Muro came to college excited to explore new frontiers of societal rage, and this past election certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, however, Grace reports that during the election she often felt she couldn’t keep up with her friends — she just doesn’t have enough hardship to complain about.

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Financing Family Time: What Does Junior Parents Weekend Really Cost?

Author: Janet Stengle

Sunshine and 60 degree weather replaced February’s usual snowbanks for Junior Parents Weekend 2017. The Class of 2018 shared their home away from home with their parents and celebrated their accomplishments — including junior Henry Long’s “Chandelier” music video parody, which Fr. Jenkins played during his address at the President’s Dinner.

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